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Today is Wednesday April 17, Brianna's 12th Birthday

This is the 107th day of 2019

There are 258 days left in the year

This is the 16th week of the year8

Verse of the Day

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

1 Corinthians 1:18 NIV

Today is expected to be 1° cooler than yesterday.

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April 17, 2019 at 9:15 am EDT

The Past Few Days

Tuesday April 16, 2019

Brody missed school again. 

The Penguins won’t be bumping the Pirates off TV any longer this year. They lost their fourth straight in the first round of the playoffs.

Monday April 15, 2019

Brody was home from school sick, throwing up.

I took Jim to and from the cancer center. After I dropped him off, I went up to the second floor to see Mary Stewart. She is still really hurting from her hernia surgery. She was afraid they would be discharging her later in the day. I never heard if she was sent home or not. 


A fire heavily damaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Sunday April 14, 2019

Hannah was in the Easter program at Sunday School.


The Masters is always interesting. When Tiger is in it during the final few holes, it is electrifying. Whether you like him or not because of his past or other reasons, it is clear how there is no one now or before who excites the fans like him. I believe in second chances, so I was happy he won. 

Rick brought his mother back home and he came up to the house for awhile. He told me that Dan passed his bar exam.

Saturday April 13, 2019

Saturday April 13, 2019

I am really stiff and sore. I took an ax and a maddock and got rid of the bush beside the front steps. The roots were deeper than I would have guessed.


In the evening, Stewart Weinisch presented at the church. He is a Christian Jew who ministers for Jews for Jesus. His presentation centered on seeing Jesus in the tabernacle. 

Friday April 12, 2019

I spent most of the morning outside working on the lawn. I got to see some more of the Masters and was surprised that Tiger is making a run. 

Today was the warmest day since October 10, however, I saw there is some snow forecasted for Monday. 


Rick was to pick up Twila and take her to his place for a night or two. I didn’t see him but I assume he came. They will celebrate Vi’s (Laura’s mother) 90th (I think) birthday on Saturday.

2 Years Ago Today

After breakfast, Brianna and Megan swam for a couple of hours in the hotel pool. Brianna wanted to go to Toys R Us to look for a birthday gift. She got everything there and both she and Megan got something for Easter there as well. Since it was Brianna's 10th birthday, she got to pick where we ate lunch. She picked Five Guys. After lunch we went to Mingo Park. The girls played at the playground for a while. They loved the zip line that was there. From there we went to check out Racoon State Park. It has a big lake with a beach. The girls wanted to put on their suits and wade at the edge. After they got accustomed to the cool water they ended up swimming. There were other kids swimming there too. I got them back home around 5pm and got back to Clarion around 7pm. 

Today's Devotion

No One Can Prevent You

But Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh remained alive, of the men who went to spy out the land.      Numbers 14:38

The decisions and disobedience of others will not cancel God’s will for you. Other people’s actions will affect you, but no one can prevent what God wants to do in and through you. Joshua and Caleb trusted God and yet were forced to wander in a wilderness for forty years because of the fear and disbelief of others.

Have you ever felt that someone was thwarting God’s will for you? Perhaps someone kept you from getting a job or earning a promotion. Perhaps the government would not approve your application or a committee disagreed with your recommendation. Do you believe that mere man can stop God from accomplishing His purposes in your life?

God did everything He intended to do in the lives of Joshua and Caleb. His primary assignment for them had not been to enter the Promised Land but rather to serve as godly leaders for their people. Joshua and Caleb could not lead the people if they were in the Promised Land by themselves while the people were still wandering in the wilderness! God kept these leaders in a position where they could exert a godly influence upon their nation, and, as a result, they became models of spiritual leadership for generations to come. Even so, God ultimately brought Caleb and Joshua into the Promised Land just as He had said. They had been delayed but not thwarted. Be assured of this: No one can hinder God from carrying out His plans for your life. Once God sets something in motion, no one can stop it (Isa. 46:11).



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2019 Monthly Averages

January:    hi 33.4°  avg 25.1° lo 16.7°
February:  hi 40.2°  avg 31.4° lo 22.5°
March:       hi 44.9°  avg 35.5° lo 26.0°

April:         hi 59.8°  avg 48.9°  lo 38.0°

Today should be the coolest of the next 3 days.

Yesterday: partly cloudy, 1° below normal. It was the warmest of the past 2 days.

​The high today should be 61° at 5p and the low should be 46° at 7a.

So far, April is much warmer than normal and it is wetter than normal.

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Guess Who Homered Again


The Brewers have won five of their first six against the Cardinals

The Brewers have won five of their first six against the Cardinals, thanks largely to Yelich, who has hit eight of his nine home runs at St. Louis’ expense. Less than three weeks removed from Opening Day, Yelich is already the first hitter in Brewers history to homer eight times against the Cardinals in a single season.    read more

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Teams Red Hot or Ice Cold

  • Astros won 10 straight. 
  • The Rays have won 8 of their last 10.
  • Seattle has dropped 5 in a row. 

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