Today is Saturday August 24

This is the 236th day of 2019

There are 129 days left in the year. 

We are 65% through 2019.

This is the 34th week of the year

Verse of the Day

I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!

Psalm 116:1-2 NLT

Today is expected to be 3º warmer than yesterday.

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The Past Few Days

Friday August 23, 2019


The weather was perfect (for me) today. I mowed and enjoyed sitting on the deck. Today was the last day at the beach for Jared, Missy, Hannah and Brody. Between Sandbridge and the Outer Banks, they have been beaching it for 14 straight days. They will be traveling home on Saturday.

Thursday August 22, 2019


Today was Brianna and Megan’s first day of school. Brianna is going to the high school and Megan enters 4th grade. I called Brianna in the evening to see how she made out navigating around in a new building. She said it went well but it was a little nerve-racking at first.

Myrna Weisel died early this morning. Her visitation will be Saturday afternoon from 12-3 pm at the church with the funeral at 3pm. 

Later in the day I heard that Leona Beers, Vicki Cooper’s mother, also died.

Wednesday August 21, 2019


David, Janna, and the girls went to the Pirates’ game. They had seat almost right behind home plate in the lower level. They did not see quite as good as game as we did the night before. The Bucs lost 11-1.

Missy spent the evening in the ER at the Outer Banks Hospital. I think she has a bowel obstruction.

Tuesday August 20, 2019


Frank, Lue, Danny, and I went to the Pirates’ game. We didn’t expect it, but we saw a good game. The Pirates never scored until the 8th inning when they tallied 4 runs, three of them on a home run by Marte. Marte ended the game in the top of the ninth with a really good catch up against the centerfield wall. 

Monday August 19, 2019


Don Dininny and I drove down to the Shadyside hospital to see Myrna. She was able to talk a little. It seemed like they were trying to make her as comfortable as possible. Her status appears to be day to day. The doctors would like her moved to a hospice facility, but for now, they don’t think she could survive the move. Jim was across the street at the Hillman Cancer Center getting a blood transfusion. Before we headed back home, we went over to visit with him awhile.

Sunday August 18, 2019


After church I drove to Mercer to Rachel’s Roadhouse where I met Rick and Twila. I brought Twila back home from her beach vacation. As I always do at Rachel’s, I ordered the baby back ribs and a sweet potato. And, as always, they were both excellent.

1 Year Ago Today

Jared took Hannah and Brody to Darien Lake Family Rides, an amusement park up near Buffalo. Frank and Danny got back home from Atlantic City. Alisha and the baby are home. I went with Gary and Karen to the Red Lobster.

5 years ago today

Brody got up at 6:15 am and played for an hour or so and then we went to County Seat for breakfast. He really wanted to go to Eat n Park but when we got to County Seat and were seated, he noticed his good buddy, Carter Hindman, was only 2 booths away. He then told me that this was the best place to have breakfast. He had french toast and sausage and then we went on to Sunday School.  

Tari picked up her pan in the afternoon and visited a while. My neck and shoulder have been killing me. I think it is the way I sleep on my pillow. I had to sleep in the recliner all night. 

10 years ago today

Today was my last day before going back to work. I work Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I got some more painting done, cleaned the carpets and the landings, and got the grass mowed.  To be truthful, I think I am ready to get back to school to get rested up.


The days are getting shorter.  It is now dark for almost an hour in the morning as I sit on the deck, working on the computer.

Today's Devotion

The Spirit of Wisdom

The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might,The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.       Isaiah 11:2

Throughout His ministry, Jesus relied upon the Holy Spirit to direct Him as He made crucial decisions and faced relentless opposition (Mark 1:12). Centuries earlier, Isaiah had described what the Spirit’s presence would mean for the Savior. The Spirit would give Jesus the knowledge of the will and ways of the Father. As a young boy, Jesus already possessed unusual knowledge of God’s word (Luke 2:47). The Spirit granted Him the wisdom to use this knowledge. The Spirit enabled Jesus to take the word of God and apply it effectively to the specific needs of those He encountered.

If you are a Christian, the same Spirit abides in you. At times, you may pray and ask God to send His Spirit “in power.” That is the only way the Spirit ever comes! More importantly, the Spirit will come in wisdom, bringing the understanding of God’s ways.

You need God’s wisdom for the decisions you face (Rom. 11:33). Perhaps God has placed you in a position of great responsibility, and you feel overwhelmed by the decisions you must make. It may be in your role as parent, or friend, or leader that you long for the wisdom of God. The same Spirit who enabled Jesus to see through the deceptions of Satan will also guide you through the temptations that confront you. Pray that God will fill you with His Spirit of wisdom so that through the decisions you make you can live your life effectively.



No upcoming events.

Picnic: Saturday August 31 at 12:30pm. Everyone is invited

We will try to get a table or shelter by the beach


I will bring hotdogs and buns for everyone and potato salad

4 years ago


Weather for Clarion

Very nice weather over the next 10 days. Little or no rain in the next two weeks.

Hourly Forecast

Daylight Today: 14 hr 26 min


So far, August has been slightly warmer than normal and we have received the normal amount of rain for August.


Yesterday was 5° below normal and it was the coolest of the past 62 days.


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#1 Songs of 1960

2 WEEKS at #1: Jan 4-11


Click on above image to play the song

"El Paso" is a country and western ballad written and originally recorded by Marty Robbins, and first released on Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs in September 1959. It was released as a single the following month, and became a major hit on both the country and pop music charts, reaching number one in both at the start of 1960. It won the Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording in 1961, and remains Robbins' best-known song. 

2 WEEKS at #1: Jan 18-Feb 1


 Click on above image to play the song 

Running Bear" is a song written by Jiles Perry Richardson (a.k.a. The Big Bopper) and sung most famously by Johnny Preston in 1959. The 1959 recording featured background vocals by Richardson and George Jones and the session's producer Bill Hall, who provided the "Indian chanting" of "uga-uga" during the three verses, as well as the "Indian war cries" at the start and end of the record. It was No. 1 for three weeks in January 1960 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. The song also reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart in 1960. Coincidentally, "Running Bear" was immediately preceded in the Hot 100 No. 1 position by Marty Robbins' "El Paso", another song in which the protagonist dies. Billboard ranked "Running Bear" as the No. 4 song of 1960.

2 Weeks at #1: Feb. 8-15


 Click on above image to play the song 

"Teen Angel" is a teenage tragedy song written by Jean Dinning (1924–2011)[1] and her husband, Red Surrey, and performed by both Jean's brother, Mark Dinning, and Alex Murray in 1959. "Teen Angel" was released in October 1959. The song was not an instant success, with radio stations in the U.S. banning the song, considering it too sad.[2] Despite the reluctance of radio stations, the song continued to climb the charts. In the last week of 1959, the single jumped from #100 to #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[3] It went on to reach #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

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