Florida March 2018

Boone Plantation near Charleston, SC


March 2018

March 15


Frank and I left Strattanville just after 7 am and drove to Mt. Airy, North Carolina. We looked around the town for a few minutes and stopped at the visitor center where we got a map to use for Friday's morning exploration of Mayberry.

March 16


Frank and I had a good time visiting Mayberry (Mt. Airy). We went to the Mayberry Courthouse, Wally's gas station, Floyd's barbershop, and then we went to Snappy's Lunch. We had the pork chop sandwich. I thought it was very good. In the afternoon, we drove to Charleston, SC.

March 17


Frank and I went to the Boone Hall Plantation in the morning. It was north of Charleston. Around noon, we drove to the harbor in Charleston and went on an hour and a half tour. We sailed by Fort Sumter. When we got back to the dock, we drove to Brunswick, Georgia where we spent the night.

March 18


Frank and I left Brunswick and drove to St. Augustine. We went out on A1A and drove along the coast for an hour or so. After that we drove on to Kissimmee and checked into our villa at the Fantasy World Resort. It is a nice place.

March 19


We took it easy today. I got up and worked out at the activity center. Later, we sat in the balcony above the pool and just rested. In the afternoon, on our way out to eat, we stopped over at Westgate, where Frank, Lue, David, Janna, and the kids will stay next week.It is about 7 miles away from where we are staying this week.  Frank got a couple of questions answered. There are tornado warnings out for Tuesday.

March 20


We went to Lakeland today to watch the Yankees play the Tigers. The forecast call for strong storms and tornadoes. We got one 2-minute shower in the middle of the game but we made it to the 8th inning before we left. We did not get to see Judge and Stanton play but we did see Neil Walker and Miguel Cabrera and some others. We hit the Olive Garden on the way back home.

March 21


We drove the 2½ hours to West Palm Beach where we saw the Nationals play the Houston Astros. We saw Bryce Harper, Altuve, Correa, Springer and the other starters of the world champion's team. It is a beautiful new park and it was a perfectly sunny day. When the game ended, we drove back on roads that cut through cattle and cow country. We saw Lake Okeechobee.

March 22


Frank and I drove to Lake Wales, Dundee, and Winter Haven to look at the places we used to go to 43 years ago. The same motel that Lue, Dood, Bob, Babe and I stayed in the 1970s was still there - the Camilia.

March 23


We drove to Bradenton. We looked at the river walk and then drove to the beaches and took some picture of the Gulf. We went to the 1 o'clock game between the Pirates and the Phillies. If the Pirates don't play any better than what we saw, it is going to be a long season.

March 24


Frank and I checked out of the resort we had been at for the past week. David, Janna, Brianna, and Megan landed by 9:30 am and they met Frank and I for lunch. Later in the afternoon, Lue, Danny, and Danny's friend pulled in. David and the girls were soon in the pool after the check-in. I was going to stay the night and leave in the morning but I decided to start up the road.  I drove to Deltona where I got in my room in time to see the amazing Loyola-Chicago basketball team win another game to earn a spot in the final four.

March 25


I was about to leave my hotel in the morning and drive to Savannah. I thought before I left, I would get online to check out the hotel I had reserved 2 months ago in Savannah. When I loaded the hotel's website, I got a surprise. In big red letters it stated their hotel was closed indefinitely. I had booked the room through AARP so I called them. It seems my scheduled hotel had caught fire. It took a little while but AARP found me another room near where I had planned on staying. After I got to Savannah and checked in, I went down the street to a Buffalo Wild Wings where I ate dinner and watched the exciting Duke, Kansas game which Kansas won in overtime. When I was coming up I-95, it was 80° as I crossed the Florida, Georgia line. When I pulled into Savannah, the temperature was 57°. It seems cold after a week in the mid 80s.

March 26


I explored Savannah today. I bought a ticket for the Hop-on Hop-off trolley tours. I learned a lot about the city and saw a lot of it. After I made the 90 minute tour, I went back around and took some pictures at the places in which I was interested. I enjoyed seeing this old, historic city. I finished the day at Paula Deen's restaurant (The Lady and Sons).

March 27


I left Savannah today and continued making my way back north. I went over to Matt Clark's home at Hilton Head where I picked up Gary and Karen who will ride home with me. They have been down here for about a week. Matt and Kate's home is amazing as is the neighborhood and the entire island. As we were leaving, we stopped by Matt's Physical Therapy facilities where Matt gave us a tour. We drove to Wytheville, Virginia where we spent the night.

March 28


Gary, Karen and I left Wytheville and drove to a hotel near the airport. That is where they had left their car before they flew down to Matt's. I was home by 3 pm. I unpacked and took it rather easy for the rest of the evening. I had been gone 14 days (13 nights) so it was good to get back home, however, I really enjoyed my trip. I am glad I saw and did everything I had done but I suppose my time in Savannah was the best part of the two weeks. The spring trainings games we attended were ok and I do not regret going to them but I don't know that I will go to anymore in the future. I concluded my favorite way to watch baseball is on my 60" TV. Speaking of that, today is the last day of the off-season for major league baseball.