New Orleans 2019 & Cruise to Cozumel


February 2019

February 5


We stayed at a hotel by the airport and we  were up at 3:30 am and were over to the airport in good time. We had a good flight to Atlanta and then on to New Orleans. We walked for an hour or more down along the river and up through the French Quarter, remembering some of the things we had seen a couple of year ago when we were last here. Our room at Harrah's is really nice. I tried lots of local dishes for dinner including cajun fish, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and gumbo. Everything I had was very good..

February 6


Before daylight, I walked around the streets waiting for the coffee shop to open at 6am. We spent the day exploring New Orleans via streetcars. We took the St. Charles streetcar from beginning to end. We got off along the way to see the Lafayette Cemetery and then we took a short look at Audubon Park. Next, we rode the Canal Street streetcar. The conclusion of my day featured more gumbo and wonderful sweet potato casserole as well as lots of other good food items.

February 7


We checked out of our hotel and walked for about twenty minutes to the Port of New Orleans where we boarded the Carnival Triumph. We were late pulling out, but we were underway around 6 pm, leaving New Orleans and sailing down the Mississippi River to its mouth and out into the Gulf of Mexico.

February 8


We were at sea the entire day, crossing the Gulf of Mexico. After I worked on my computer for awhile in the morning while looking out on the ocean, I went to front of the ship and walked on the treadmill and lifted some weights. In the evening, we went to a show (song & dance) in a huge theater. We took time to go the upper deck to watch the sun set, which was pretty cool.

February 9


We docked at Cozumel at daybreak. Frank and I got off the ship for a couple hours and walked around. I had no idea what any of the people at the port were saying. Those 2 years of Spanish in high school didn't turn out to be very helpful. We pulled back out around 4 pm and began the 36 hour journey back to New Orleans.

February 10


We crossed the Gulf of Mexico today, arriving at the mouth of the Mississippi after dark. I was hoping to see it in the daylight, but that didn't happen. We went to a musical show whose theme was New Orleans. I was most impressed with the sets and the costumes.

February 11


We arrived at the Port of New Orleans around 4:30 am. We left the ship this morning by 8:30 am. After checking our luggage at the hotel, we took off to see more of New Orleans. We took the streetcar down to the French Market and looked around. It is a 6-block long market selling goods, jewelry, and food such as alligator on a stick. Next, we took a ride on the Natchez which had a narration for first part of the tour and then a jazz band played the rest of the way. Our hotel has started to decorate for the Mardi Gras.

February 12


Today it rained all day. Because of the weather, we decided to ride the only streetcar we had never be on, the Rampart/Saint Claude Streetcar Line. The one end of it was near the Superdome. Later, we went to Mother's Restaurant for dinner. It is a famous spot that features the original po boy sandwich, the Debris, which is roast beef on French Bread soaked in the debris (beef broth). Frank got the claimed most famous ham in world. Our meals were cold and we weren't impressed at all with Mothers.

February 13


Before we headed to the airport, it was lunch for one last time of the cajun/creole food. We got to the airport three hours before our plane took off since our flight didn't leave until 6pm. The airport was rather dingy, but on the way in, our Uber driver pointed out a new terminal that was being built on the north side of the airfield. We flew to Atlanta and then on to Pittsburgh. It was after midnight when we got to our hotel but I think I slept the entire trip from Atlanta to Pittsburgh.