New York City 2019

NYC from World Trade Center


August 2019

August 14


Frank, Danny, and I drove to Edgewater, NJ, across the Hudson River from New York City. After we checked into our hotel, we took a bus into Manhattan. We walked around Times Square. While on Broadway, Danny bought a New Orleans Pelican hat and a pair of Air Jordan shoes.

August 15


We took the Port Imperial Ferry to Midtown, then a bus to lower Manhattan. We went up the 102 floors to the One World Observatory. Next, we went to the 911 Memorial, the sites where both the north and south towers had once stood. We then hiked down to Battery Park and took the Staten Island Ferry over and back, passing fairly close to the Statue of Liberty. We finished the day at the Nintendo Store at Rockefeller Center where Danny made a couple of purchases. 

August 16


We took the bus over to Manhattan and then the subway to Brooklyn. We walked back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a long, crowded walk but it presented interesting views of the city. Next, we took another subway to Central Park. We spent an hour or two strolling through the park. We finished the day by going back to Rockefeller Center. I was worn out by the time we got back to our hotel and ate at Five Guys.

August 17


Frank, Danny, and I left our hotel that was right across the river from New York City and made the drive home.